Official Site for the 2012 US Olympic Trials  - Track & Field  June 21 - July 1, 2012

Women's 20km Race Walk at a Glance


Top Contenders Time
Maria Michta 1:34:52
Teresa Vail 1:35:36
Erin Gray 1:36:08
Miranda Melville 1:37:08
Lauren Forgues 1:37:41
Jill Cobb 1:39:01
Katie Burnett 1:40:42
Solomiya Login 1:41:45
Erin Taylor 1:41:58
Susan Randall 1:42:47
Women's 20km Race Walk Finals
Day 10 - July 1, 2012 at 7:30 am
Olympic A Standard: 1:33:30.00
Olympic B Standard: 1:38:00.00

Events at a Glance

  Men Women
  100m 100m
  200m 200m
  400m 400m
  800m 800m
  1,500m 1,500m
  5,000m 5,000m
  10,000m 10,000m
  20k Race Walk 20k Race Walk
  3,000m Steeple 3,000m Steeple
  110m Hurdles 100m Hurdles
  400m Hurdles 400m Hurdles
  High Jump High Jump
  Pole Vault Pole Vault
  Long Jump Long Jump
  Triple Jump Triple Jump
  Shot Put Shot Put
  Discus Discus
  Hammer Throw Hammer Throw
  Javelin Javelin
  Decathlon Heptathlon


Final Preview:

Currently, four 20k race walkers have achieved the Olympic B standard. Two-time defending US champion Maria Michta is the odds on favorite. First place in the race looks to be the ticket to London. Eugene native Erin Gray, Teresa Vail, Lauren Forgues and Miranda Melville to battle Michta for a spot on Team USA.


How to make the Olympic Team?

Top three athletes with the Olympic A Standard will make Team USA. If there is only one athlete with the Olympic A Standard OR no athletes with the A Standard than the top athlete at the Olympic Trials with an A or B Standard will make the Olympic Team.